Latest Geek Project is the Arducopter

I have been spending a few hours now and then to build my latest project. It’s a four propeller autonomous vehicle called a quadcopter.   It is based on the Arducopter internet community project so there are lots of experts involved.  The project page has all the technical capabilities listed like GPS, compass, gyros, accelerometers, etc.  Here it is before the first flight.

The quadcopter fully assembled and tested - ready for the first flight.

You can see the credit card sized camcorder that will soon take a ride.  You cannot see just how jumbled the wires are so here is a different shot.

Yes, it is supposed to look like this ... it's a prototype. I have ideas to make this look slicker later.

Today we took it out for the first flight.  All the technology built into this thing was no match for the novice pilot.

There were a few hard landings causing some minor damage – a few of the polycarbonite screws on the landing gear sheared off.